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Distributors play an important part in our sales and marketing strategy, and we offer competitive re-seller pricing for organisations wishing to stock LG Sonic products as well as providing comprehensive technical & marketing support.

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Offering Innovative Solutions
to the water industry

LG Sonic is a Dutch company with the mission to eliminate harmful chemicals in the environment. Therefore, the company developed a chemical-free technology that controls algae and biofouling without disturbing the natural balance within water ecosystems.

The LG Sonic products are developed in collaboration with several renowned universities and research institutes. Some of the universities and research institutes with whom LG Sonic cooperates with are the University of Portsmouth, UK; University of Catania, Italy; HCMR Institute, Greece.

In 2015 LG Sonic won several international innovation awards for the successful development and commercialization of the MPC-Buoy, a system to monitor and control toxic algal blooms in large water surfaces, such as the Isle Utilities TAG Excellence Award and Aquatech Innovation Award 2015. In 2015 LG Sonic became an official Innovation Partner of American Water.

MPC-Buoy installed in a lake
MPC-Buoy close up shot

A Worldwide Distribution Network

Over the last decade, more than 10,000 LG Sonic products have been successfully installed in 52 different countries.

Our International Business Strategy is primarily based on working with distributors that are active in different water treatment markets where the LG Sonic products have use and application in controlling algae and biofouling problems. We are looking for commercial contacts that have experience and a network in a specific application for our products (e.g. lakes, ponds, drinking water reservoirs, water treatment plants, irrigation reservoirs, and cooling towers), possess technical capabilities and have existing customer relationships in the market. Our business partners are in charge of selling the LG Sonic devices in their market, the promotion of LG Sonic devices and providing after-sales services such as technical support to local end-users.

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