Biofouling Prevention with Ultrasound

Biofouling prevention with ultrasound reduces chemical usage and prevents fouling problems in cooling towers, sea chests, heat exchangers and pipes.

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Improve the Efficiency of the systems

Cooling Towers

Prevent biofilm formation and lower bacterial counts, and chemical consumption.

Sea Chests

Reduce fuel consumption and improve the efficiency of the cooling system

Heat Exchangers

Increase thermal efficiency of the heat exchanger and decrease cooling water usage

Pipe Systems

Prevent blockage of the pipes and improve the efficiency of the system

Ultrasonic Biofouling Prevention

The LG Sonic Industrial Line provides a cost-effective solution to control algae and prevent biofouling with the use of ultrasound technology.

    • Multiple ultrasonic programs for effective biofouling prevention
    • Ultrasonic treatment allows for the reduction of chemical consumption
    • No use of cavitation for a longer product lifetime
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Biofouling process in five stages

Biofouling process

The process of biofouling starts with the attachment of bacteria to a surface. These bacteria subsequently start producing EPS, also called extra polymeric substances, that forms the structure of the biofilm. To this layer, other organisms such as algae, weeds, parasites, muscles or even barnacles may attach. At this point, the biofilm has become biofouling.

How it Works - Ultrasonic Biofouling Prevention

With the use of specific ultrasonic frequencies, waveforms and amplitudes it is possible to directly target the biofilms.

1. Prevent biofilm

LG Sonic products emit ultrasound at multiple frequencies, waveforms and amplitudes. These frequencies prevent the bacteria from settling to a surface in the primary stage of the formation of a biofilm.

2. Alter structure biofilm

The specific ultrasonic program alters the structure of an existing biofilm and eventually breaking it down.

3. Control biofilm

The ultrasound removes the algae attaching to a biofilm. These effects result in longer cleaning intervals and improved efficiency of the heat exchanger and cooling system.

Biofouling prevention Products

Within the Industrial Line, there is an Industrial Wet or Industrial Dry option available depending on the specific situation.

LG Sonic Industrial Line

Control Algae and Biofouling with the LG Sonic Industrial Line

Control algae and biofouling in industrial applications

    • Reduce chemical expenses
    • Control biofouling and algae effectively
    • Easy installation and maintenance
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LG Sonic Ecohul Biofouling control

Prevent Biofouling on ship hulls with the Ecohull

Prevent Biofouling on Ship Hulls with the Ecohull

    • Reduce maintenance and expensive lift outs
    • Prevent biofouling and reduce the use of antifouling paint
    • Treatment range up to 10 meter
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Microbiological Control in cooling water system

At the Al Futtaim Cooling district, chemicals were used in the cooling tower water treatment. The plant incorporated the LG Sonic cooling tower algae control technology into their chemical treatment program to reduce the biocide consumption in the cooling towers and improve the water quality.

    • Up to 69% reduction in biocide dosage
    • Up to 53% reduction in anti-scalant dosage
    • Microbial analysis of the water after tests of satisfactory quality and within specific limits

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No use of cavitation for a longer product lifetime

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