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The new ultrasound MPC-Buoy

Blue-green algae successfully monitored and controlled by using ultrasound with new MPC-Buoy

The MPC-Buoy improved the water quality in a drinking water reservoir in the UK. The drink water company Sembcorp Bournemouth Water (SBW) has announced in a press release that after the installation of the MPC-Buoy a ‘dramatic reduction’ in the concentration of algae was experienced.

A lake in Poland showed a substantial improvement in the water quality after the installation of two MPC-Buoys. The level of cyanobacteria cells (blue-green algae) was nine times lower compared to similar lakes in the surrounding.

The patented MPC-Buoy provides a unique and environmental-friendly solution for algae and cyanobacteria control by combining continuous water monitoring, telemetering and ultrasound technology. The MPC-Buoy is successfully installed in Canada, the UK, the USA, Poland and Ireland. The MPC-Buoy is effective in lakes, ponds, dams and other applications. Please contact us for more information and/or references.

Want to know more about ultrasonic algae control and biofouling prevention?

Since 1999, LG Sonic has been a leading international manufacturer of algae control and biofouling prevention systems. Our products provide an environmentally friendly solution to effectively control algae in lakes, reservoirs, treatment plants, and other applications. Over the last decade, more than 10,000 LG Sonic® products have been successfully installed in 52 different countries. More information can be found at the LG Sonic website.

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