SAB Miller Clarifier

Several LG Sonic e-line devices were installed in the SAB Miller Clarifier #1 in Tocancipa Brewery, Colombia in order to control filamentous algae. The LG Sonic e-line devices were installed in the summer of 2012. 


The Challenge: Control Algae and Increase Process Efficiency

In the summer of 2012, SAB Miller, Colombia contacted LG Sonic in order to provide a solution for the pertinent growth of filamentous algae in their drinking water process. The algae identified was suspended and growing on walls and water channels of the clarifiers. Thus, reducing process efficiency and severely increasing the cleaning efforts of the plant.

The Solution: Control Algae with the LG Sonic e-line

As an alternative to hydrogen chloride, the use of ultrasonic treatment can be used to control algae. Upon start of the installation, one clarifier was kept untreated and the other one was equipped with two LG Sonic e-line devices. Ultrasonic treatment uses high frequency sound waves to control algae growth. The treatment is widely used in drinking water treatment plants.

The Results: Reduction of Filamentous Algae Growth, Less Maintenance, and Reduced Bio-Corrosion.

Extensive testing conducted during 2012 showed that the LG Sonic e-line had a significant impact on the filamentous algae and bio-corrosion. Furthermore, workers at the brewery didn’t need to dose Hcl, during maintenance works which resulted in less time required for the maintenance and substantial improvement of safety conditions for workers.

““It was much easier to clean the clarifier and we didn’t need to dose chemicals at all because the dead algae was easy to remove with pressurized water””.


Applied Product for this project

LG Sonic e-line

Control Algae in Ponds with the LG Sonic e-line

Reliable chemical-free algae control

    • Integrated Aquawiper™for minimal maintenance
    • Control algae in ponds and golf course ponds
    • Treatment range up to 200m/650ft
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