Improved water clarity in an aesthetic pond

No chemicals

LG Sonic technology is safe for fish and plants


The LG Sonic e-line has 12 programs

Easy to install

Quick installation and minimal maintenance

Improve water clarity

Every year as soon as the summer weather arrived so did all the algae growth in the pond. Even after trying different methods to get rid of the algae, the problem returned. The algae ruined the view of the pond and made the water (extremely) green.

In their search for a long-term solution, the answer to their algae problems always seemed to be to physically remove the algae using a boat. Searching online for a solution, led the customer to the LG sonic website.

The customer purchased the LG Sonic e-line. This device uses ultrasound technology and has twelve different programs to control algae growth. Each program uses different ultrasound frequencies to successfully target algal species.

The improved water clarity made the fish visible in the pond.

The unit now has been in operations for over five years. The unit has an integrated cleaning system, Aquawiper, which cleans the transmitters’ head automatically. Therefore, the customer only had to clean the transmitters once in over five years of operation.

By using LG Sonic technology, the water surface looks pristine and fish and other wildlife are clearly visible in the water.

No question, [LG Sonic ultrasound technology] the best algae destroyer
we have ever come across. It also helps us with lots of operational savings.

Pond owner


Project details

Location East Midlands, United Kingdom Industry Ponds Client Pond owner
  • Improved water clarity
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Algae successfully controlled

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Reduce algae growth in smaller ponds without harming the ecological balance.