69 % reduction in biocide dosage in cooling basin

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The challenge was to prevent biofouling and reduce chemical dosage reduce chemical dosage for water treatment and at the same time controlling factors that may cause problems such as corrosion, scaling and microbial activity.

Al Futtaim Cooling district plant incorporated the LG Sonic technology into their chemical treatment program to reduce the biocide consumption in the cooling towers and improve the water quality. Ultrasonic biofouling treatment uses high frequency sound waves to control biofouling in cooling basins and other applications.

The use of LG Sonic devices allowed to reduce chemical dosage for water treatment and, at the same time, control factors that may cause problems, such as corrosion, scaling, and microbial activity.


Project details

Location Dubai, UAE Industry Cooling basin Client Al-Futtaim
  • Up to 69 % reduction in biocide dosage
  • Up to 53% reduction in anti-scalant dosage
  • Microbial analysis of the water after tests of satisfactory quality and within specific limits

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Control algae and biofouling in irrigation reservoirs, cooling towers, and other industrial applications with the LG Sonic Industrial Line

LG Sonic Industrial Line