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In July 2011, the golf course pond at the Lethbridge country club was treated with LG Sonic Technology. The water surface was covered by mats of filamentous algae, while the rocks within the pond were covered by Didymosphenia geminata, also known as Dydimo. This invasive (diatom) algae is an emerging problem in North America.

The Lethbridge country club golf course pond with the following dimensions: 81 x 25 meter, was treated with the implementation of the LG Sonic e-line on solar power.

During the 2 month trial, the filamentous algae on the water surface decreased by 90%. Some areas in the water that where shaded from the ultrasound still had a slight accumulation of filamentous algae. Dydimo growth on the rocks in the ponds was reduced and kept under control by the LG Sonic e-line.


Project details

Location Alberta, Canada Industry Ponds Client Lethbridge Country Club
  • 90% reduction in filamentous algae
  • Strong growth reduction of the diatom Dydimo on the rocks in the pond
  • Improved transparency of the water

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