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Green algae mats covering the pond

The residential pond was plagued with heavy thick green algae, had high maintenance requirements, and was an eyesore for residents. The natural plant life and fish was drastically degraded due to the algae infestation.

On August 7th 2012, it was decided to install 1 LG Sonic e-line unit. The unit was connected to a local power source. Ultrasonic treatment uses high frequency sound waves to control algae blooms in ponds and other applications.

Generally after two to three days the dam would be filled with algae again but in this test case after just seven days no algae has come back at all. After 10 days still no algae had returned all that was left were plants (Water Lilies) and a little debris that was scooped off the surface, leaving the pond looking pristine with clear water.

In this period a fountain was installed to create some aeration in the pond. Finally, after 31 days a good rainfall flushed out the remaining floating debris and what left was crystal clear water, healthy water lilies and happy residents.


Project details

Location South Africa, Africa Industry Ponds Client Pond owner
  • Up to 90% reduction of suspended green algae
  • Restored plant life and healthy water lilies
  • Improved ornamental values for local residents

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Reduce algae growth in smaller ponds without harming the ecological balance.