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Water quality degradation

Frequent outbreaks of algal blooms often degrade water in hydroelectric dams worldwide, making the water unusable as a drinking water or irrigation supply.

Removing algae or algal by-products from water treatment plants where water is taken from a dam is costly and time consuming (e.g. the removal and cleaning of sand filters) and therefore impractical.


Hydroelectric dam reservoir

Case studies

Dominican Republic case study
87% algae reduction to improve drinking water

The country’s most important water source After years of struggle with algal blooms, The Santo Domingo Water and Sewage Corporation (CAASD) installed multiple MPC-Buoy systems to cover the 7km²/2.7mi² Valdesia reservoir. The first results were visible after two weeks, and the project exceeded the targets for the first year with a 87% reduction in algae levels. The Valdesia reservoir is the main drinking water supply for the population of the…

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Vallecitos case study
Vallecitos Water District
Improved water quality with MPC-Buoy

 Improving water quality In sunny California, MPC-Buoy technology is controlling algae in reclaimed water since 2018. Vallecitos Water District provides 5.25 million gallons of recycled water for irrigation every day. TSS levels need to be low to fulfil the demands of modern irrigation systems. Algae increases TSS and clog the filters that are in place to remove TSS prior to the distribution to the irrigation systems. This allows for…

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Dubai municipality case
Dubai Municipality
73% blue-green algae reduction in Dubai

Reducing algae growth In August 2018, LG Sonic began a new project in Dubai in collaboration with the Dubai Municipality to control algal blooms in the Al Qudra lakes. The lakes were created by the municipality as part of a project to enrich this part of the Dubai desert. To control the algal blooms, three MPC-Buoys were installed. After 60 days, it was clear that the systems improved the water…

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Monitor and control algal blooms in hydroelectric dam reservoirs. Reduces maintenance and operational costs.


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Algae problems in hydroelectric dams

Rising temperatures, prolonged water stagnation, extreme weather and increased runoff of nutrients from urban and agricultural lands all compound algae problems in hydroelectric dams.

Especially in the summer months, when the water temperature increases, algal concentrations can grow exponentially and form dense surface scums.

Algae sample