Water Treatment Plants

    Prevent Biofouling with Ultrasound

    Controlling algae, cyanobacteria and fouling efficiently with ultrasound to reduce taste and odor problems in the treatment plant.

      • Prevent taste and odor problems
      • Control fouling in sand filters and clarifiers
      • Improve coagulation and flocculation processes

    How ultrasound prevents biofouling

    Prevent taste and odour problems

    The performance of a drinking water treatment plant is consistent with the amount of contamination in the water.

    Growth of algae and biofouling in a treatment plant can cause various problems within the process including: clogging of intake screens, fouling of weirs, increased chlorine demand, tastes/ odours, and the release of toxins. By controlling algae, cyanobacteria and biofouling with ultrasound, it is possible to efficiently reduce taste and odour problems in a treatment plant.

    Algae water treatment plant

    Biofouling in drinking water systems

    Biofouling in drinking water systems has detrimental effects such as microbiological and chemical deterioration in water quality, corrosion-inducing effects, and efficiency-reducing effects in water treatment processes. The growth of algae, cyanobacteria and bacteria within the basins of the plant itself increases the demand of chemicals or filtration and in turn creates problems with THM (trihalomethane) formation. Algae and biofouling-related problems are also often seen in sand filers, flocculation chambers, clarifiers and coagulation tanks.

    Reduce biofouling growth

    Biofouling growth in clarifiers needs to be cleaned manually in order to prevent algae from flowing into the filter beds. When algae cells are washed into the filters, they cannot pass the medium. The algae grow further, living off of nutrients that are washed in. Chlorination is often used to control bacteria and algae in the water treatment plant to reduce the bad odour and earthy taste. However, this is often not powerful enough, as a significant number of algae continue to be present. By preventing biofilms from growing on the walls within the water treatment plant, the taste and odour to the water becomes better and the formation of THM’s can be drastically reduced.


    Which Product do I need?

    LG Sonic Industrial Line

    LG Sonic Industrial Lineによる生物付着の防止


      • 薬品コストを減らす
      • 熱交換器と冷却システムの効率を向上させる
      • 簡単な設置とメンテナンス

    More than 15 years of experience in applying ultrasound technology to control algae and biofouling

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