LG Sonic Biofouling Solutions at the Marine Maintenance Expo 2017

From June 6-8, LG Sonic will attend Marine Maintenance Expo in Amsterdam to show their innovative solutions to reduce biofouling on ship hulls, sea chests and bow thrusters. 

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Reduce biofouling growth

By reducing the biofouling growth a reduction in fuel consumption is achieved

Reduce the use of antifouling paint

Antifouling coatings can either be harmful for the environment, expensive and/or ineffective

Reduce maintenance and expensive lift outs

Because of the continious protection of the hull, dry-docking intervals are decreased

You can visit us at booth M3010

Ultrasound to Reduce Biofouling

The build-up of biofouling on marine vessels poses a significant problem such as damages to the hull structure and operating systems.

To provide an environmentally friendly and effective solution to these problems, LG Sonic, developed a new solution to reduce the growth of biofouling by using specific ultrasonic parameters.

LG Sonic Industrial Line product picture

How it Works

The ultrasonic sound waves of LG Sonic create resonance around the solid surfaces within the water, thereby preventing bacteria to adhere to a surface.

Biofouling reduction

Prevent bacteria from settling on a surface in the primary stages of biofilm formation. Besides, the ultrasound alters the structure of an existing biofilm, eventually breaking it down

No use of cavitation

LG Sonic products are not based on cavitation. Cavitation may kill bacteria and other organisms but also cause oxidation reactions and may degrade anticorrosion layers.

Safe for the environment

The use of the LG Sonic products is chemical free, safe for fish and other marine organisms and is in line with the ASC standards for marine use of ultrasonic devices.

Biofouling solution for Ship Hulls

Product brochure

The Ecohull is a cost-effective solution to prevent the growth of biofouling on ship hulls.

LG Sonic Ecohul Biofouling control

Prevent Biofouling on ship hulls with the Ecohull

Prevent Biofouling on Ship Hulls with the Ecohull

    • Reduce maintenance and expensive lift outs
    • Prevent biofouling and reduce the use of antifouling paint
    • Treatment range up to 10 meter
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Reduce biofouling in Sea Chests and Bow Thrusters

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The LG Sonic Industrial Line provides a cost-effective solution to reduce biofouling formation.

LG Sonic Industrial Line

Control Algae and Biofouling with the LG Sonic Industrial Line

Control algae and biofouling in industrial applications

    • Reduce chemical expenses
    • Control biofouling and algae effectively
    • Easy installation and maintenance
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More than 10.000 installations in 52 countries

Biofouling project with the Royal Dutch Navy

LG Sonic has received an official order for the Royal Dutch Navy to apply their ultrasound technology on a marine vessel to reduce the growth of biofouling.

Before the end of 2017, the ultrasonic antifouling systems will be installed on the bow thrusters of two marine vessels. In October 2016, LG Sonic received the PJS de Jong Innovation Award for this biofouling control project. The jury recognized the technology to its relevance and international potential.

LG Sonic receives PJS de Jong Innovation award

Meet us at Marine Maintenance World Expo

The CEO of LG Sonic, Mr. Yousef Yousef and CTO, Ms. Lisa Brand will represent LG Sonic at booth M3010 (Hall 9). Please send us your contact details and we will contact you to schedule an appointment during the exhibition.

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