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LG Sonic CEO selected to the European Innovation Council Advisory Board

LG Sonic CEO Yousef Yousef has been selected as one of top innovation leaders to the European Innovation Council Advisory Board (EIC). The role of the EIC Advisory Board is to make sure innovators can get fast, agile funding and access to Europe wide innovation systems. It will focus on detecting, nurturing, supporting, and scaling-up disruptive innovation, from the idea down to market deployment and scale-up. The EIC will be at the heart of the Innovation pillar of the forthcoming Horizon Europe – the EU Research and Innovation programme (2021), with a proposed budget of €10 billion.

LG Sonic’s road to innovation

Yousef Yousef, who led LG Sonic to win multiple innovation awards including the WssTP Water Innovation Award, Aquatech Innovation Award, BlueTech Technology Innovation Award, and the Shell LiveWIRE Award, together with 22 other exceptional innovators from the world of entrepreneurship will oversee implementation of the funding and provide strategic leadership to the EIC. At LG Sonic we believe innovation is best achieved by building strong collaboration amongst European companies and institutions. In 2012 as part of the FP7 program of the European Union, development of the MPC-Buoy started. Now seven years later, the MPC-Buoy is the solution of choice for top-level water and energy utilities around the world.

Since the partnership with American Water started in 2014, MPC-Buoy systems are now deployed in more than 20 countries worldwide. MPC-Buoy has proven itself in various other applications such as irrigation reservoirs and recreational lakes. By combining data and specific ultrasonic sound waves, algal blooms are controlled without using potentially harmful chemicals.

European Innovation

The EIC “Pathfinder” Scheme will provide grants to high-risk projects exploring new territories aiming at developing cutting-edge technologies, while the EIC “Accelerator” Scheme will provide start-ups or SMEs carrying out disruptive innovation which are still too risky to attract private investments with the necessary means to scale up through a mix of grants and financing and support them to the stage where they are commercially attractive.

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