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Iain Taylor announced as official service provider of LG Sonic’s algae control systems in the United Kingdom

LG Sonic is pleased to announce Iain Taylor as official service provider for LG Sonic solutions in the United Kingdom. Iain will be responsible for the installation, maintenance and services for LG Sonic’s solar-powered algae control systems.

Currently, LG Sonic is running algae control projects with several water utilities in the United Kingdom such as Northumbrian Water, Welsh Water, Essex & Suffolk and, Bournemouth Water. “As the UK market for LG Sonic algae control products continues to grow so does our need for outstanding partners,” said Yousef Yousef, CEO of LG Sonic. “Iain Taylor is well-known for his experience and dedication to serving the water companies.”

Iain is an Approved Electrical Engineer working within all aspects of the Electrical industry from domestic, commercial to industrial systems; during this time he has found himself working across many different environments. He has spent time working within the oil industry both on oil rigs and land sites around the world covering electrical maintenance and wireline down-hole testing. More recently he has undertaken work within the Information Technology industry and is proficient with the Lan and Wan networking systems.

Since 2011 Iain has worked primarily within the Water and Waste Water sector including installation, maintenance and servicing of waste water management systems and reservoir aeration systems.


Contact information

  • LG Sonic B.V.
  • Heliumstraat 7
  • 2718 SL Zoetermeer
  • The Netherlands