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Wastewater algae control project in Dubai

Latest MPC-Buoy project in wastewater lagoon in Dubai

Last month we began our first algal control project in Dubai. Three MPC-Buoy units have been installed in a wastewater reservoir. The units will monitor the water quality in real-time and use specific ultrasonic sound waves adjusted to the algal type present to effectively control algal growth.

Algae in wastewater

Treated wastewater usually contains high levels of nutrients that can cause algal blooms on the water surface of a wastewater lagoon. An excess of algae can increase pH, BOD and TSS levels, making reuse or discharge of the water difficult. The treatment of algae in wastewater lagoons to improve water quality before discharge is vital in order to comply to the wastewater quality standards. Using MPC-Buoy, wastewater treatment plants can monitor wastewater quality in real-time and control algal growth.

The image below shows the effects of LG Sonic ultrasound technology on algae in a wastewater lagoon in Spain.

Before and after LG Sonic algae treatment

Wastewater discharge

To monitor, predict and control algae in wastewater lagoons, LG Sonic offers an MPC-Buoy solution without solar panels, called the MPC-Grid. The system is powered from the mains (AC, DC optional) to treat smaller water bodies, such as wastewater lagoons. Controlling algae with MPC-Grids lowers the amount of Total Suspended Solids (TSS). High levels of TSS increases turbidity and decreases dissolved oxygen (DO) levels. This can negatively affect the operation process. By lowering BOD and TSS levels, wastewater discharge does not adversely affect aquatic recreation and/or wildlife.

Wastewater MPC-Buoy installation

MPC-Grid wastewater solution

The MPC-Grid is a floating platform that provides continuous online water quality monitoring and uses ultrasound technology to control algae. The solution is to anchor one or multiple MPC-Grid systems that transmit specific ultrasonic parameters depending on the algal type.

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