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LG Sonic attends European Mission to Promote Algae Control Solutions in Korea

From Monday 3 July to Friday 7 July 2017, LG Sonic is attending the EU-Gateway Environment and Water Technologies business mission to Seoul, Korea. Korea’s “Resource Circulation Economy and Society” initiative is foreseen to drive investments in environment and water technology as the country seeks solutions to reduce reliance on natural resources and adopt new recycling technologies. LG Sonic is invited by the EU-Gateway commission to show its environmentally friendly algae solutions to allows to monitor and control algae growth in lakes and reservoirs.

Creating awareness for environmentally friendly algae control

LG Sonic is attending the mission to create awareness for its environmentally friendly algae control solutions. Their latest innovation, the MPC-Buoy, is a floating, solar powered, platform that combines continuous online water quality monitoring, web-based software, and ultrasonic technology to effectively control harmful algal blooms in large water surfaces, such as lakes and water reservoirs. The MPC-Buoy eliminates up to 90% of the exiting algae, prevents new blooms and allows to reduce the chemical consumption. At the moment LG Sonic is running MPC-Buoy projects in more than 15 countries worldwide.

Meet LG Sonic during the water technology exhibition in Seoul

During the EU-Gateway Environment and Water Technologies mission, an exhibition will take place that brings together different companies in the environmental and water technology industry. For this visit, participants had the option to request a meeting with one of our representatives Mr. Yousef Yousef, (CEO of LG Sonic) and water treatment specialist Mr. George Brik.

You can visit LG Sonic at booth 21 at the COEX InterContinental Hotel, Harmony Ballroom on Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:00 to 18:00.

Environment and water technologies mission – Korea

The EU gateway program  is funded by the European Union. It provides European companies that are interested in developing in Asia, the opportunity to participate in exhibitions in different countries. It is the first time that LG Sonic participates in an Environment and Water Technologies Business Mission. In the past, the company participated in other EU-Gateway programs namely, Environment and Energy-related technologies Korea (2012) and in 2013 Korea and Japan. Furthermore, the company joined the Clean technology business mission to Singapore/Vietnam (2015) and China (2017).


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