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Blue Oceans Day 2015

LG Sonic selected as one of the most innovative companies in the Netherlands

During Blue Oceans Day, organized by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, LG Sonic got selected as one of the most innovative companies in the Netherlands. The company is especially rewarded for the successful development and commercialization of the MPC-Buoy, an environmentally system to monitor and control harmful algal blooms with the use of ultrasonic technology. The Blue Oceans Day took place on 20 August 2015 during Sail Amsterdam at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

A panel of experts selected 100 companies whose innovations were identified as best practices with a high market potential in their field of application. The companies and their innovations were evaluated on its impact on the community, originality, availability, turnover and growth potential. “We are really proud to receive such a prestigious price for innovation and to be recognized for our achievements. As well now as in the future we continue to work hard to remain at the forefront of the market” (Yousef Yousef, general manager, LG Sonic).

Official listing announced on 1 October 2015 during the Day of the Innovation

On Thursday 1 October 2015 the jury will announce the exact listing of the innovations during the Day of the Innovation. The Day of the Innovation is organized by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the “Financiële Telegraaf”, Dutch largest daily morning newspaper.

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