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LG Sound winner Shell LiveWIRE 2014

LG Sound wins Shell LiveWIRE Award 2014

LG Sound won the Shell LiveWIRE Award 2014 which was announced during the final at the Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam. LG Sound received the award for the successful development and commercialization of the MPC-Buoy, an environmentally friendly system to monitor and control toxic algae blooms.

Combination of online water quality monitoring and algae control

The MPC-Buoy is a floating, solar powered, platform that uses continuous online water quality monitoring to control algae by using ultrasound technology. Blue-green algae cause problems when blooming in lakes, ponds and reservoirs such as health issues, fish kills and odor problems.

The system is especially designed for large water surfaces such as lakes and drinking water reservoirs. At the moment the MPC-Buoy is successfully installed in Poland, Spain, the UK, the USA, Japan, Canada and Ireland.

The Shell LiveWIRE Award is annually awarded to a young (below the age of 35) innovative entrepreneur. CEO of LG Sound, Yousef Yousef, is proud of winning the finals: ‘It is great to receive such a prestigious award for innovation and entrepreneurship. It gives us, as a team, recognition for our product’.

The announcement of the winner was live at national television (RTL Z Toekomstmakers).

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