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MPC-Buoy new data logger

LG Sonic reinvents ‘brain’ of MPC-Buoy

For the last couple of months our R&D department has been working on a new version of the data logger for the MPC-Buoy. The data logger collects and processes data from water quality sensors and ultrasonic transmitters, then transmits it to the MPC-View server. The new data logger requires fewer site visits and buoys can always be accessed remotely by LG Sonic while there is power and a working sim card.

Data to fight algae

The data logger is the brain of the MPC-Buoy, handling all data communication between the system and the water quality software MPC-View. Data collected from the ultrasonic transmitters and water quality sensors is processed in real-time and sent to the server over GSM/GPRS telemetry quadband. The data logger makes it possible to monitor water quality and algae control projects in even the most remote areas. In the highlands of Quito, Ecuador, MPC-Buoy systems operate at altitudes of more than 4km. Previously, the site had to be visited regularly in order to physically check the water quality, which was a both time consuming and difficult task considering the area of the project.

The new data logger is expected to be introduced at the end of the year. The tests show astonishing improvements in both the data transmission speeds and reliability.


Visual water quality data

LG Sonic also continues to improve and optimize the water quality software, MPC-View. The new version of the software uses machine learning techniques to improve the treatment processes. By monitoring algal growth in real-time, LG Sonic is able to apply the most effective treatment for specific types of algae, preventing algae from blooming and causing problems such as health and safety risks. MPC-View is a cloud-based software that can be accessed easily on a mobile phone or laptop. This allows our customers to obtain insights into their water quality regardless of physical location.


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