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Long-term succes of LG Sonic technology

Long-term success of LG Sonic technology

One thing the Lower Nihotupu Dam in Auckland (New Zealand), the Aquadrome in Rickmansworth (UK), and the East Dorset Raw Water Reservoir (UK) have in common is an algae-free water body. Continuous water quality monitoring combined with environmentally friendly ultrasonic sound waves proves to be a long-term solution for algae problems. Despite the differences in water reservoirs and types of algae treated, the ultrasonic sound waves removed up to 90% of algae and prevented the growth of new algae. We take a look at a selection of long-term projects.

Drinking water reservoir, Auckland, New Zealand (2016)

Blooming blue-green algae counts usually occurred during the summer months in the Lower Nihotupu Dam. In December 2016, five MPC-Buoys were installed providing a complete overview of the water quality and controlling the algae accordingly by using ultrasound. These systems proved to be a cost-effective solution, which helped to remove 90% of blue-green algae.

Recreational lake, Rickmansworth, The United Kingdom (2016)

The Rickmansworth Aquadrome is a local nature reserve with two lakes used for recreational activities. There has been a historic problem of high levels of cyanobacteria, which gives rise to a distinct foul odour and are also known to produce toxins. To control the cyanobacteria levels in water reservoirs, two MPC-Buoy systems were installed in the lake used for water skiing and fishing, and an additional two units were installed in the lake used for sailing and canoeing. Since that moment, cyanobacteria remain at acceptable levels and the lakes have remained open to all users.

Drinking water reservoir, East Dorset Raw Water Reservoir, The United Kingdom (2014)

Algae growth can cause blockages which are particularly problematic for Sembcorp Bournemouth Water (SBW) as Longham Lakes are integral in their water supply process. Looking for an environmentally friendly solution, SBW has installed four ultrasonic algae control systems. It was the first time MPC Buoys were installed by an English water company. Tim Latcham, Head of Water Supply said, ever since the installation, there has been a dramatic reduction in the concentration of algae.

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