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Aquatech Amsterdam 2015 innovation award

MPC-Buoy winner of the Aquatech Innovation Award

Today LG Sonic received the Aquatech Innovation Award 2015 in the category water supply/water treatment for the development and commercialization of the MPC-Buoy. This environmentally friendly system provides continuous online water quality monitoring to predict and control algae by using ultrasound technology, thereby offering a complete algae control solution.

The winners were announced during the festive opening ceremony of the Amsterdam International Water Week and Aquatech Amsterdam on Monday 2 November 2015. Yousef Yousef, CEO of LG Sonic is honored to be rewarded for the successful development and commercialization of the MPC-Buoy. The jury rewarded the MPC-Buoy for being a complete algae control solution; “We believe it will have an impact on the market because it is a fully integrated product and can work completely independently”.

At this moment, the MPC-Buoy is installed in lakes and water reservoirs in, among other countries, Azerbaijan, the United States of America, Canada, Colombia, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, and Poland.


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