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Riverdale Becomes an Official LG Sonic Distributor for Canada

LG Sonic is pleased to announce that Riverdale Supply has become a Canadian distributor of the LG Sonic -line and MPC-Buoy systems. Riverdale Supply is a Canadian water management company carrying product lines that are environmentally friendly and effective in improving the water quality of lakes, drinking water reservoirs and wastewater lagoons. Riverdale is located in Carman Manitoba and will serve its customers with consultation, supply and installation the LG Sonic systems. 

Riverdale Water Management is an established Canadian company providing the best solutions for water treatment for many years. The company offers solutions for the treatment of, among other applications, waste water, drinking water reservoirs and lakes.

Lynne Melvin CEO of Riverdale Water Management:
“Our company just recently began supplying LG Sonic E-line and MPC-Buoys into the ever-growing Manitoba market. We are very pleased with the marketing, design assistance and the overall support that we have received from the staff at LG Sonic. By way of promoting the LG Sonic systems, they have been helpful in providing assistance and technical information to assist our company in establishing a presence within Manitoba’s water quality and environmental industry. We look forward to growing our business with them and continuing this great relationship.”

Become a LG Sonic distributor

LG Sonic is looking for commercial parties that have experience and a network in a specific application for our products (e.g. lakes, ponds, drinking water reservoirs, water treatment plants, irrigation reservoirs, and cooling towers), possess technical capabilities and have existing customer relationships in the market. LG Sonic business partners are in charge of selling the LG Sonic devices in their market, the promotion of LG Sonic devices and providing after-sales services such as technical support to local end-users.


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