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Royal Netherlands Navy

Successful second installation with the Royal Netherlands Navy

LG Sonic has completed the second installation with the Royal Netherlands Navy. LG Sonic technology has been applied to prevent biofouling on the hull of a 75-meter vessel. LG Sonic Ecohull ultrasonic antifouling provides an environmentally friendly alternative to antifouling paint.

This installation marks the second time LG Sonic ultrasonic technology has been installed on a vessel of the Royal Netherlands Navy. The goal of the installation is to measure the effectiveness of ultrasonic antifouling as an alternative to antifouling paint. Many countries, including the Netherlands, are restricting the use of antifouling paints. LG Sonic Ecohull offers a chemical-free alternative that uses specific ultrasonic sound waves to target the biofouling.

Eliminate antifouling paint

Biofouling growth increases the drag on a hull, which can cause a ship to consume up to 40% more fuel and correspondingly emit 40% more CO2. By preventing biofouling growth with LG Sonic technology, maintenance and expensive lift outs can be reduced. Furthermore, by effectively preventing biofouling from attaching to the surface of the hull, fuel costs can be significantly reduced.

No use of cavitation

Some ultrasonic biofouling prevention solutions prevent biofouling by using cavitation, which occurs when high-power ultrasound causes intense heat pressure and the formation of hydrogen radicals. These radicals may kill bacteria and other organisms, but they also cause oxidation reactions and may degrade anticorrosion layers. LG Sonic technology is not based on cavitation and is proven to be safe for fish and other marine organisms.

LG Sonic Ecohull

LG Sonic Ecohull is a cost-effective solution to prevent the growth of biofouling on ship hulls. The use of continuous ultrasonic sound waves prevents the accumulation of fouling by driving biomolecules away. The system is also easily maintained by the specially developed mounting system that is used to install the system on the hull of a vessel.

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