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Amazing 2018

Thank you for making 2018 an amazing year

With the holidays just around the corner, we’re looking back at this past year. And what a year it was! 2018 has been a time for growth, new opportunities and great accomplishments. Our revenue grew for the sixth consecutive year, we increased our efforts to reduce chemicals in our environment, controlled algal blooms across four continents, and started designing our own company building. We are thankful to our customers and partners for their trust. LG Sonic already has some exciting plans lined up for 2019!

Increased positive impact on our environment

In 2018, we received inquiries from 94 different countries, confirming the global growing interest in chemical-free algae control. A growth of revenue was achieved for the sixth consecutive year. We welcomed new members to our team and together worked toward our goal of saving the world’s water from chemicals. This year, we prevented 40 trucks filled with chemicals from being used in our water. And on top of that, because LG Sonic MPC-Buoy systems are solar-powered, we prevented more than 30.000 kg in CO2 emissions.

2018 highlights

Prevented  and controlled algal blooms

MPC-Buoy has now been sold in more than 23 countries and monitors and controls algal blooms worldwide. This year we added the Middle East to our list of project locations. We are now running an algae management project in Lebanon’s largest artificial lake, Lake Qaraoun. After installing our first 11 buoys there, we have already managed an algae reduction of 50%. This project also marks the first time we have monitored water quality at different depth levels. In Colombia, we started two new projects with EPM, the country’s largest water utility. Our first project with EPM in 2015 continues to remain free from algal blooms to date. In the United States, the installation of our MPC-Buoy in the Town of Emmitsburg, saves money and water by successfully controlling blue-green algae and improving water quality.

Innovation with impact

Our research and development department have produced remarkable achievements in refining our MPC-Buoy system by introducing an all new datalogger and a water quality sensor head that pushes our water quality data to the next level. Our sea lice research project, funded by Eurostars, developed according to plan, with lab research finalized in the first quarter, the final stages of hardware and software integrated in the third quarter. Next year the first field tests of our ultrasonic sea lice control will begin.

2018 highlights

All over the world

Our CTO, Lisa Brand, was asked by industry leading water magazines such as World Water, Water Quality Products magazine and Water Efficiency magazine to describe how MPC-Buoy technology manages to successfully control algal blooms without chemicals. Furthermore, company representatives were invited to speak at exhibitions and conferences such as WEFTEC, IWA Tokyo, Innovation Expo, and AWWA WQTC Toronto. The year ended with European Commissioner Carlos Moedas dedicating part of this speech at High-Level Conference EU Research and Innovation in Our Daily Lives in the European Parliament to our CEO Yousef Yousef. He named Yousef as the man who convinced him of European science and innovation’s power to change lives. (video)

2018 highlights

Building our own company office

We will kick off 2019 by commencing construction of our own company building in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. The new company building will offer twice as much office space as the current location and should facilitate further company growth. We look forward to the new year and its new opportunities—we have a big announcement coming up!

The entire LG Sonic team wishes you happy holidays and a stunning 2019!


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