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LG Sonic SIWW 2016

Visit LG Sonic during the Singapore International Water Week

In the week of 11-15 July, LG Sonic will attend the Business Avenues Environment and Water Technologies mission to Singapore and Vietnam.This business mission is linked to the Singapore International Water Week, a bi-annual global platform that brings together stakeholders from the water industry to share best practices, showcase the latest innovations and explore business opportunities. During the International Water Week LG Sonic will show its latest MPC-Buoy technology to monitor and control toxic algal blooms in large water surfaces. 

Creating awareness for environmentally friendly algae control

LG Sonic is attending the mission to create awareness for its environmentally friendly algae control solutions. Their latest innovation, the MPC-Buoy, is a floating, solar powered, platform that combines continuous online water quality monitoring, web-based software, and ultrasonic technology to effectively control harmful algal blooms in large water surfaces, such as lakes and water reservoirs. The MPC-Buoy eliminates up to 90% of the exiting algae and prevents new blooms. Furthermore, the system allows to reduce the chemical consumption. At the moment the MPC-Buoy is successfully installed in Malaysia, Spain, the UK, the USA, Japan, Canada and Ireland.

Become a LG Sonic distributor

LG Sonic offers competitive reseller pricing for organisations wishing to stock LG Sonic products as well as providing technical & marketing support. In order to expand its market in Asia, LG Sonic is looking for commercial contacts such as distributors and installers that have experience and a network in a specific application for the MPC-Buoy.

Visit us during the Singapore International Water Week

Please let us know if you would like to meet us during the Singapore International Water Week. CEO of LG Sonic, Yousef Yousef and Water Treatment Specialist, George Brik will attend the European Business Avenues Mission to Singapore and Vietnam.

Environment & Water Technologies in Singapore – Vietnam

The EU gateway program is an initiative funded by the European Union. The program acts as a bridgehead to provide business support services to European enterprises interested to develop their business in Asia. LG Sonic participated in the EU Gateway/Business Avenues Business Missions for Environment and energy-related Technologies in 2012 (Korea) and 2013 (Korea and Japan). In 2015, LG Sonic participated in Clean Technologies 2015 (Singapore and Vietnam).

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