Increase Dissolved Oxygen with MPC-NanoBubble

Combines real-time water quality monitoring and pure oxygen nanobubbles to increase oxygen levels in large water surfaces.

Pure oxygen Nanobubbles

MPC-NanoBubble is a mobile platform that circulates on the water surface ensuring treatment of the entire water surface by using pure oxygen nanobubbles.

A nanobubble is a liquid gas-filled bubble with a diameter smaller than 1μm and larger than 1nm. The smaller a bubble in the water is, the slower it moves through the water. When a bubble becomes nano-sized, it will no longer move through the water column vertically but remains there. As long as the nanobubble is present in the water, it continuously delivers its content to the water surrounding it.

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Dissolved oxygen in water

Depletion of dissolved oxygen

Anoxia occurs when water bodies are depleted of dissolved oxygen. In these conditions, fish can suffocate and die, and there is a risk of the release of potentially harmful components from the sediment, such as phosphorous, heavy metals or manganese.

Current methods to increase oxygen concentration are based on aeration technologies (Macrobubbles). These systems use large size bubbles that rise straight to the water surface of a waterbody. This has as a result that the air bubbles mix the water column, resulting in destratification. Moreover, this technology has a very high energy consumption.

Pure oxygen nanobubbles Benefits

Efficient increase of the oxygen

The use of pure oxygen as source increase the efficiency of the device up to 5 times

Effective on large water surfaces

Mobile platform that automatically adjusts the location to ensure the coverage of the entire surface of large lakes.

Low total power use

The system makes use of a flexible power source such as a generator or batteries. The mobility of the device ensures tremendous savings on energy compared to conventional (nano) aeration.

Uses pure oxygen as a source

By using pure oxygen gas, less time and energy is necessary to transfer the oxygen into the water column.



How it Works

1. Monitor dissolved oxygen

MPC-NanoBubble is anchored in the lake with automatically adjustable wire. It moves around the water surface in the spiral motion, detecting the areas where oxygen levels are too low.

2. Pure oxygen nanobubble treatment

When the anoxic area is detected, MPC-NanoBubble applies pure oxygen nanobubbles until the dissolved oxygen is on the desirable level for the water body

3. Restored dissolved oxygen

After generation, nanobubbles are found to exist within the water column for several weeks, up to months. Throughout that time, they continuously deliver Dissolved Oxygen necessary to all forms of life.


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