Water quality monitoring software

Algae and water quality insights

MPC-View is an advanced web-based water quality monitoring software. The software allows to generate a complete overview of the water quality of one or multiple water bodies.


Water quality insights and alerts


Easily accessible web-based software


Export water quality trends to .xls or .pdf


Integrate the software in other systems


Overview of the water quality

Users can log in to the software, where they can find a personal dashboard with an overview of the water quality and MPC-Buoy system status.

Water quality data

Visual insight into various parameters

The software provides insights into the water quality, algae trends, and progress of the ultrasonic treatment in the lake or reservoir.

Push notification

Stay up to date with 24/7

The software allows users to set up specific alarms to inform about changing parameters. Users receive an e-mail notification when the alarm goes off.

Data driven water treatment

LG Sonic combines water quality data and ultrasound technology to provide a complete algae solution for large water surfaces. LG Sonic has been gathering water quality information for many years in different water bodies all over the world.

This has resulted in a database, containing different algal species, water quality characteristics and applications in relation to the most optimal ultrasonic treatment program.

Hydroelectric dam reservoir

Hardware and software combined

The real-time water quality monitoring is automatically integrated in the MPC-Buoy system. MPC-Buoy contains detailed monitoring equipment, providing a complete overview of the water quality and controls the algae accordingly by using ultrasound.

The web-based software (MPC-View) allows users to visually follow the water quality and the progress of the ultrasonic treatment.


MPC-Buoy algal bloom solution

LG Sonic developed the MPC-Buoy specifically for large water surfaces such as lakes and reservoirs.