How Irish Water Solved Algae Problems

22 June 2022 | 2pm BST / 3pm CEST

In this webinar

“Pea soup!”, exclaims Tommy, Cork County Council’s Operator at Irish Water’s Lake Cross Water Treatment Plant. Now two years later, algal blooms are under control with the installation of MPC-Buoy.

In this webinar, Lisa Brand and Alexander Marcus will discuss how Irish Water controlled algal blooms, reduced OPEX, and increased filter runtimes in the Lake Cross plant.

  • How algal blooms shut down water distribution
  • Effects of algae on water quality
  • Implementation of ultrasonic algae control
  • Benefits of algae control on operational processes
  • Importance of real-time water quality monitoring


A recording will be available for anyone that signs up.

Lisa Brand


LG Sonic

Microbiologist with 14 years of experience in the field of water quality. She obtained a degree in Microbiology from Leiden University, The Netherlands, and a diploma in Radiation Hygiene from Delft University of Technology.

Alexander Marcus

Water Quality Specialist

LG Sonic

Water quality specialist with a Masters degree from Wageningen University, the Netherlands. With his expertise, Alexander manages algae control projects in Europe.

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A recording will be available for anyone that signs up

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