Webinar Vallecitos

Webinar: How to control algae in high nutrient water

Featured in the webinar is Vallecitos Water District in California. Dawn McDougle, Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor, will explain how LG Sonic technology helps them improve water quality.

Webinar highlights

About the session
High temperatures, nutrient pollution and stagnant water are the main causes of Harmful Algal Blooms. The Stanley A. Mahr reservoir is part of the Vallecitos Water District water re-use facility in California. Despite meeting all the conditions that promote algae growth, the management of the facility has ensured high quality water using appropriate water treatment methods


  • How to reduce TSS, pH, and increase DO levels (Case Study)
  • How Vallecitos Water District maintains high quality water for re-use purposes
  • Why nutrient pollution regulations won’t stop occurrence of algal bloom
  • Q&A