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We manufacture cutting-edge technologies that control algae blooms sustainably. We reconstruct aquatic environments devoid of chemicals or other dangerous contaminants. We proudly serve 12 industries and have a presence in over 55 countries.


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For over 10 years, we’ve invested in research and development and have become leaders in algae management. Our patented ultrasound integrated into our technologies can be remotely controlled by our team of experts.


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Water is one of our most valuable resources. Yet, water pollution remains one of the greatest environmental concerns. Algae blooms contaminate our waters, seriously harming people, animals, and aquatic ecosystems.


Yousef Yousef

Yousef Yousef


Yousef founded LG Sonic in 2011, after obtaining an executive MBA. He’s an entrepreneur with a unique vision on water management and data-driven technologies.
Lisa Maria Brand

Lisa Brand


Lisa Brand is a microbiologist with 14 years of experience in the field of water quality. Lisa’s passion lies with smart technologies that solve environmental issues in a sustainable way.
Rick Kaper

Rick Kaper


Rick Kaper oversees operational activities since the start of LG Sonic. He works closely with production, vendors, and partners to ensure high-quality products for our customers.
Greg Eiffert

Greg Eiffert

Director LG Sonic US

Greg has over 15 years of experience in the water industry. He has led LG Sonic US since 2018 to provide sustainable algae solutions to customers across Northern America.

Our story


LG Sound was established

Yousef Yousef, Lisa Brand, and Rick Kaper established LG Sound to kickstart the building of the prototype.


After a year of testing, the first prototype of the water quality monitoring and algae control system - MPC-Buoy - was installed.

Partnership American Water

In collaboration with one of the leading water suppliers, operations with the MPC-Buoy system began in the U.S.

LG Sonic rebranding

With accelerated growth in different countries, we rebranded to further develop our focused ultrasonic technology.


We introduced a new technology based on small gas bubbles that increase DO in water.

Vertical Profiling System

Launched a system that measures water quality in high resolution at different depths to better meet our clients’ needs.

Award-Winning Innovation

International offices

LG Sonic HQ

LG Sonic HQ

Opened in 2011, this European venue is our corporate headquarters and our R&D department.
+31 070 770 9030 [email protected]

Heliumstraat 7 2718 SL Zoetermeer South Holland

LG Sonic US

From Skaneateles (NY), LG Sonic US is responsible for the North American sales, operations and customer support.
+1 833 547 6642 [email protected]

1326 New Seneca Turnpike - A2 Skaneateles, NY 13152



As the central point of contact for the MENA region, this office is essential in handling projects in the Middle East and Northern Africa.
+971 525 833126 [email protected]

JLT, Cluster R PO BOX 336851 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

LG Sonic Brazil

LG Sonic Brazil

Opened in 2019 in the city of Florianópolis, this office has facilitated the start of our first project in Brazil.
+55 48 99987 0382 [email protected]

Florianópolis, SC

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