Algae Control

  • Reduces cyanobacteria & diatoms up to 95%
  • Lowers pH, TSS & chemical consumption
  • Treats larger lakes and reservoirs

Trusted by 100+ Water Resources & Energy Utilities

Algal bloom problem
Algae warning
Algae sample

Stop algae problems

Prevent clogged filters & pipes

Down-time and maintenance costs increase operating expenses and manpower requirements.

No service interruptions

Toxic algae blooms can shut down an entire drinking water system, causing water supply shortages.

Reduce foul taste & odor

Algae release chemical compounds (geosmin, MIB) that cause taste and odor issues.

Prevent harsh EPA penalties

Chemical treatments don’t always comply with governmental guidelines, resulting in warnings and penalties.

Ultrasound treatment
for lakes & reservoirs


Reduces algae up to 95%. Plus TSS, pH, BOD. Prevents new blooms. No die-off toxins.


Cheaper than chemicals. Less manpower. Solar-powered. Low maintenance.


Chemical-free, sustainable process exceeds EPA standards. Safe for fish, plants, and people.

How ultrasound prevents
algae growth


No treatment

Algae move to the water surface for photosynthesis.

With treatment

Ultrasonic wave blocks algae's access to sunlight & nutrients.

Shortly after treatment

Algae sink to the bottom and die off without releasing toxins.

Algae treatment Buoy


Low power ultrasound treats algae with a range of up to 800m/2600ft per buoy.


Real-time water quality monitoring is used to predict and prevent new blooms.


Easily accessible from a boat. Check-up only needed once every two months.


Our customer support team operates the buoy remotely from The Netherlands.

MPC-Buoy system

Join 100+ clients trusting LG Sonic

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American Water
Seven years ago, American Water was the first customer to believe in LG Sonic’s technology. We’re proud of our ongoing, strong partnership.
World Waternet
Algae were degrading the water quality in a water source for 1.3 million citizens. The company achieved 50% algae reduction within 2 months.
With the help of MPC-Buoy technology, EPM could control algal blooms even in extreme environmental conditions caused by “El Niño’’ in 2015-2016.
Since using the MPC-Buoy, NIPSCO’s TSS levels never exceeded monthly average for compliance. This year, they won the Power Mag Water Award.
CAASD’s Valdesia reservoir has a surface of 7km²/1700 acres. After years of algae bloom contamination, the utility achieved 87% chlorophyll a reduction.
Vallecitos Water District
Vallecitos Water District significantly improved TSS, pH, and DO levels. Vallecitos can now provide even higher quality water to their customers.
To improve water visibility in Sellafield's storage ponds, 4 LG Sonic systems were installed. These systems have 12 ultrasonic programs that control algae.

Our expertise
in numbers

Our business success is grounded in customer care. We stand behind our products and services.

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Our award-winning technology is effective, low-cost, and chemical-free. At last count, 100+ clients in 55+ countries had 10,000+ units keeping their algae under control. Will you join them?

Developed by leading researchers

LG Sonic has spent over a decade conducting research and development in collaboration with renowned academic institutions.

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