Algae control

Algal Bloom Solution for Lakes and Reservoirs

Ultrasonic algae control. A data-driven, chemical-free solution.

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One step ahead of an algal bloom

Water quality data allows us to activate specific low-power ultrasound frequencies to reduce existing algal blooms and prevent new blooms.

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Water monitoring

Real-time water quality monitoring

We monitor and collect water parameters every 30 minutes that can be accessed through our cloud-based water quality software MPC-View.

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Only a few check-ups per year

Our floating systems use solar panels and the automatic cleaning device Aquawiper™ which significantly reduce costs and maintenance time.

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Algae treatment that adapts to changing water conditions

LG Sonic uses specific ultrasonic frequencies that can vary in wave form and amplitude to control algae growth. This prevents ultrasound resistance for a long-term healthy ecosystem.

LG Sonic ultrasound technology

LG Sonic ultrasound

Monitor, predict and control planktonic algae without using chemicals


Proven safe for fish, plants and other aquatic life such as Zooplankton

Case studies

NIPSCO case study
NIPSCO chooses a greener path to comply with NPDES

Complying with NPDES regulations In the search of an eco-friendly and effective solution to comply with NPDES discharge regulations, NIPSCO installed 5 MPC-Buoy systems at R. M. Schahfer Generating Station in Indiana, USA. High TSS and pH are mainly caused by algal blooms which are now treated with the ultrasound technology of LG Sonic. NIPSCO uses a large reservoir for settling out suspended solids prior to discharging the water back…

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Dominican Republic case study
Improved drinking water quality for 2 million people

The country’s most important water source After dealing with algal blooms for years, The Santo Domingo Water and Sewage Corporation (CAASD) installed multiple MPC-Buoy systems to cover the 7km²/2.7mi² Valdesia reservoir earlier this year. Two months after the start of the project, the results have already exceeded the set targets. In 2019, CAASD installed multiple MPC-Buoy algae management systems to cover the 7km²/2.7mi² Valdesia reservoir. The Valdesia reservoir is the…

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American Water case study
American Water
Eliminated chemical usage in the raw water reservoir

Addressing episodic taste and odor events Four solar-powered algae control buoys were installed in the Canoe Brook Reservoir #1 in Short Hills, NJ to assess the impact of the system for controlling algae and cyanobacteria in the raw water reservoir. The four buoys operated for five months in the spring/summer 2014. As an alternative to copper-based algaecides, the use of ultrasonic treatment can be used to control algae. Ultrasonic treatment uses high frequency sound waves to attack the algal cells….

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"By the end of the season we eliminated using the UV-blocker chemical and we reduced the algaecide by 25%. We intend to reduce more in 2020 [with MPC-Buoy]."

Brian Snyder

Senior Chemical & Environmental Specialist