Algae Control

Reduce cyanobacteria & diatoms up to 95%
Lower pH, TSS & chemical consumption
Ultrasound technology

Trusted by 100+ water & energy utilities
Trusted by 100+ water & energy utilities

For applications worldwide

Drinking water reservoirs
  • Improve operations of filters and pipes
  • Reduce chemical expenses
  • Prevent taste and odour events
Drinking water
Recreational lakes
  • No closing of the lake needed
  • No permits required for installation
  • Safe for humans and aquatic life
Recreational lake
Power generation
  • Reduce pH and TSS levels
  • Comply with NDPES regulations
  • Reduce chemicals and maintenance
Power generation
Irrigation reservoirs
  • Prevent clogging of drip systems
  • Improve agricultural operations
  • Chemical-free solution with minimal maintenance
Agriculture application
Wastewater reservoirs
  • Lower Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)
  • Improve effluent treatment
  • Comply with wastewater regulations
Hydroelectric dams
  • Treat large dams
  • Reduce algae growth sustainably
  • Lower chemical consumption
Hydroelectric dam
Oil & Gas
  • Control algal blooms and TSS levels
  • Treat large reservoirs
  • Minimal maintenance
Oil & gas plant

How LG Sonic technology works

Without treatment
Algae move to the water surface for photosynthesis to grow, and to the bottom of the water column for nutrients.
LG Sonic treatment
Ultrasonic wave blocks algae's access to sunlight & nutrients. Algae sinks to the bottom and dies off without releasing toxins.
American Water
Seven years ago, American Water was the first customer to believe in LG Sonic’s technology. We’re proud of our ongoing, strong partnership.
World Waternet
Algae were degrading the water quality in a water source for 1.3 million citizens. The company achieved 50% algae reduction within 2 months.
With the help of MPC-Buoy technology, EPM could control algal blooms even in extreme environmental conditions caused by “El Niño’’ in 2015-2016.
Since using the MPC-Buoy, NIPSCO’s TSS levels have never exceeded the monthly average for compliance. This year, they won the Power Mag Water Award.
Drinking water reservoir
CAASD’s Valdesia reservoir has a surface of 7km²/1700 acres. After years of algae bloom contamination, the utility achieved 87% chlorophyll a reduction.
Vallecitos Water District
Vallecitos Water District significantly improved TSS, pH, and DO levels. Vallecitos can now provide even higher quality water to their customers.
Pile fuel storage pond
To improve water visibility in Sellafield's storage ponds, 4 LG Sonic systems were installed. These systems have 12 ultrasonic programs that control algae.

Algae Control

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