LG Sonic
Phosphate Monitoring

Real-time PO4 measurements for large water bodies
Yellow Method for accurate readings
Complete autonomous operation

Detect real-time phosphate levels remotely

Elevate your water quality monitoring

Measures at different depths

Our innovative LG Sonic Phosphate Monitoring offers advanced proactive monitoring capabilities, enabling you to detect and address changes in phosphate levels in real-time and identify nutrient pollution sources at different depths before they can escalate into harmful algal blooms and other water quality problems. With our cutting-edge technology, you can take a preventative approach to water quality management and ensure the health of your water resources.

Accurate and reliable readings

By leveraging cutting-edge lab-on-chip technology, the LG Sonic Phosphate Monitoring provides precise and accurate readings of phosphate with Molybdate-Vanadate method (Yellow method). Its reliable and informative readings empower you to make informed decisions about water quality management. With its durable materials and robust design, the sensor offers stability even in high-temperature environments, delivering highly accurate readings over a wide measurement range

Safe and minimal maintenance

The LG Sonic Phosphate Monitoring offers a safe and easy maintenance process, with durable reagents lasting up to 6 months, and can be easily replaced without requiring LG Sonic’s service technician. It features automatic cleaning to prevent biofilm, and minimal maintenance can be carried out safely from a boat. The system eliminates the need for complex testing methods, making water quality management more accessible and reducing the need for frequent field trips or manual measurements.

Remote phosphate measurements

Transform your phosphate measurements in large water bodies with LG Sonic Phosphate Monitoring. The innovative system is solar-powered and can collect phosphate data remotely at various depths using advanced winch technology to collect phosphate data at various depths, from the surface to the sediments. With precise, real-time phosphate data at your fingertips, you can stay in control and take action as needed.

Lab-on-chip technology

Experience precise and consistent phosphate measurements using our microfluidics sensor powered by state-of-the-art lab-on-chip technology. Our autonomous solution offers continuous and accurate data with low reagent consumption and high durability. Our reagent consumption is 90% lower than traditional methods, with less waste produced. Upgrade your water management capabilities with the latest monitoring technology.

Web-based monitoring software

With the LG Sonic Phosphate Monitoring, users can access real-time phosphate data from anywhere and at any time. This is made possible by the in-situ lab that processes the data, which sends the information directly to the MPC-View software, allowing users to access it remotely. Customizable alerts and notifications are also included to ensure users are informed of any changes in phosphate levels that require attention.

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LG Sonic Phosphate Monitoring