Importance of Data-Driven Water Quality Management

Thursday 11 November | 10am PST - 1pm EST

US webinar

What’s it about?

Algae blooms are a global challenge, affecting industries and businesses worldwide. Learn how LG Sonic’s monitoring solutions provide a better understanding of the water quality and algae trends in your water.

  • How do algae prediction models work?
  • Customizable water quality monitoring solutions
  • How vertical profiling improves water treatment
  • Why you need phosphate monitoring at different depths
  • Rental & leasing options for LG Sonic technologies

Kole Peterson

Process Engineer

LG Sonic US

Kole has 17+ years of engineering experience in water treatment and industrial applications. He is currently based in Denver, Colorado area.
Kole Peterson

EJ Neafsey

Chief Water Specialist

LG Sonic US

EJ has extensive experience in utilizing prediction models for water treatment. As a data scientist, he’s involved in data analysis for improving water quality.

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