Control algae in ponds with the LG Sonic e-line

Reduce algae growth in smaller ponds without harming the ecological balance.

How does LG Sonic e-line work?

The LG Sonic e-line is an advanced system that emits specific ultrasonic parameters in order to control algae in smaller water surfaces such as ponds and golf course ponds.

1. Adjust

Determine the type of algae in the water

2. Ultrasound

Ultrasound is generated to target the algae

3. Control

Only algae types are affected

1. Determine Algae Type

The LG Sonic e-line has 12 ultrasonic programs to effectively control different types of algae. Each program contains different types of ultrasonic parameters, such as frequency, amplitude, waveform and signal duration.

2. Generate ultrasound

The ultrasonic sound waves create an ultrasonic pressure in the top layer of the water. The high-pressure ultrasound transmitted by the LG Sonic e-line controls algae in various ways depending on the type of algae.

3. Control algae

The algae will die while the cell wall remains intact, preventing the release of toxins from the algae into the water. The algae will sink to the bottom of the water reservoir and are degraded by the bacteria present.

Technical specifications

Treatment range

Up to 200 meter (650ft)


12 pre-installed ultrasonic programs
Ultrasonic generator integrated in the transmitter

Control box

IP67 ingress protection
Energy consumption, 5-40 Watt
LCD display with control buttons

Product features

e-line features

LG Sonic e-line is an environmentally friendly solution to control algae in ponds without harming the ecosystem. Over 10.000 e-line units have been installed in 50 countries worldwide.

Effective for large ponds

The LG Sonic e-line can efficiently control algae up to 200 meter (650 ft) per device with a power consumption of just 5-40 Watt.

Safe for the environment

The ultrasound used by LG Sonic proven is safe for fish, plants, zooplankton, and insects. Our devices use of low power ultrasound.

No release of toxins

The cell wall of the algae remains intact, preventing the release of toxins from the algae into the water. and status of the devices.

Easy to install and maintain

The LG Sonic devices are being placed in the water body itself, emitting sound waves through your water reservoir.

Installation and maintenance

The LG Sonic e-line has a range up to 200 meters and can be installed in the pond itself. The device can be connected with a cable to a power outlet or can work autonomously on a solar-powered system.

The flexible arm is designed to make the installation of LG Sonic products easier. The arm can be adjusted to fit every application and can be extended up to 20 meters. The flexi-arm has the range to move up and down with the water level and can be connected to the shore.

Case residential pond

Up to 90% reduction of suspended green algae by the usage of the LG Sonic e-line.
Eagles landing case
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e-line case studies

Sellafield case study
Reduced blue-green algae counts

Improve water visibility After the installation of multiple LG Sonic Industrial Wet Systems in a nuclear power plant of Sellafield (UK) the water visibility in the storage ponds improved significantly. As a result of the ultrasonic systems there has been an exceptional reduction in blue-green algae and chlorophyll levels in the storage ponds. Sellafield, a nuclear fuel reprocessing and nuclear decommissioning site, handles nearly all radioactive waste generated by 15…

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Al-Futtaim case
69 % reduction in biocide dosage in cooling basin

Prevent biofouling and reduce chemical dosage The challenge was to prevent biofouling and reduce chemical dosage reduce chemical dosage for water treatment and at the same time controlling factors that may cause problems such as corrosion, scaling and microbial activity. Al Futtaim Cooling district plant incorporated the LG Sonic technology into their chemical treatment program to reduce the biocide consumption in the cooling towers and improve the water quality. Ultrasonic biofouling treatment uses high frequency…

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Eagles landing case
Pond owner
90% reduction of suspended green algae

Green algae mats covering the pond The residential pond was plagued with heavy thick green algae, had high maintenance requirements, and was an eyesore for residents. The natural plant life and fish was drastically degraded due to the algae infestation. On August 7th 2012, it was decided to install 1 LG Sonic e-line unit. The unit was connected to a local power source. Ultrasonic treatment uses high frequency sound waves to control algae…

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Below you find a list of frequently asked questions and answers for a few common topics. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please feel free to reach out.

  • Are the LG Sonic products harmful to fish, plants, zooplankton, or insects?

    No, the effects of  LG Sonic products have been tested by various universities and are proven to be safe for fish, plants, zooplakton, and insects. There have been no cases in which the LG Sonic products seem to negatively influence the behavior of fish or growth of plants and fish.

    In addition, the LG Sonic devices even seem to benefit the fish because the water quality is being improved by the LG Sonic device, and the competition for nutrients, sunlight, and space between plants and algae is being diminished.

  • Will the ultrasound cause toxin release?

    Whenever blue-green algae are blooming, toxins can always be present in the lake, even when the water is not treated. Thus, the lake water should be treated with precaution.

    However, the LG Sonic device itself does not rupture the cells. Instead, the concentration of algae in the water will slowly lower along with the concentration of toxins in your water and the bad smell.

    Thus, no drastic increase in toxin concentrations should be expected when installing a LG Sonic device.

  • What algae types can I control?

    The LG Sonic devices do not only treat the filamentous algae, but also the planktonic algae, in which a further distinction can be made in green and blue-green algae.

    Ultrasound technology can influence these types of algae and eventually combat them.  One of the algae which we do not treat is the macrophytic algae, as they do not respond to ultrasound technology.

    Feel free to send us pictures or a water sample of the algae in your water surface so we can provide you with assistance.

  • How long does it take for the algae to be controlled?

    There are different types of algae in existence which react in various ways to the ultrasonic treatment.

    On average, it takes 2-3 weeks for the treatment to take effect.

  • Do I need to provide a water sample to determine the algae?

    No, this is not necessary. The LG Sonic e-line products work with 12 different preset ultrasonic programs that vary in specificity.

    LG Sonic will set your LG Sonic e-line to the most optimal program based on the information that is provided.

  • What is the product life-time?

    The lifetime of our devices is between 5 and 10 years.

  • Do I need to clean the transmitter?

    No. By the integration of an automatic wiper into the LG Sonic device, an optimal performance with minimal maintenance is ensured.

    The wiper sweeps the head of the transmitter every three hours, therefore a more effective ultrasound is provided with optimal algae control 24/7.

  • Should the device be in operation continuously?

    This is recommended. Since the power consumption of the devices is very low, high costs of continuous operation are diminished.

    The continuous operation of the LG Sonic products prevents new algae from blooming. In winter, when the temperature of the water drops below 2 degrees Celsius, we recommend taking the unit out of the water to prevent damage to the float and transducer due to frost.

  • Which voltage is required?

    The voltage which is used for the LG Sonic devices are low DC voltage and alternating current (AC) of 110 or 240 VAC.