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90% algae reduction with MPC-Buoy in Auckland, New Zealand

In a drinking water reservoir in Auckland, New Zealand, MPC-Buoy reduced blue-green algae counts by 90%. The systems also provide real-time insights in the water quality.

MPC-Buoy Project drinking water

Since 2015 the reservoir from water utility EPM remains free of algae by only using MPC-Buoy. The systems successfully control the algae, lower operational costs and improve the water quality.


MPC-Buoy Project The Netherlands

Drone movie of the first ultrasonic algae control project in our domestic market. Currently, LG Sonic is running projects in more than 15 countries worldwide.


How it works

The MPC-Buoy is specially designed for large water surfaces and combines online water quality monitoring, web-based software and ultrasound technology to provide a complete and cost-effective treatment against algae in lakes, ponds and drinking water reservoirs


Jury: Ms. Prof. M. Kennedy, PHD | UNESCO IHE Institute for Water Technology

LG Sonic received the Aquatech Innovation Award 2015 in the category water supply/water treatment for the development and commercialization of the MPC-Buoy.

This environmentally friendly system provides continuous online water quality monitoring to predict and control algae by using ultrasound technology, thereby offering a complete algae control solution.


LG Sonic e-line

How it works

This video explains how the LG Sonic e-line controls algae with the use of ultrasound technology


LG Sonic e-line system elements

This video explains how the system elements of the LG Sonic e-line


How to install the LG Sonic e-line

This video shows the installation options for the LG Sonic e-line.


LG Sonic e-line options

This video explains different additional options for the LG Sonic e-line


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