Expert talk

Algae 101: What is the problem with algae?

8th December | 10am PST - 1pm EST

Intake tower

In this talk

Accelerated by climate change, algal blooms are an increasing environmental challenge. In this talk, we will discuss the problems caused by algae growth. What are the effects on wildlife, human health, aquatic ecosystems and industries? You will get the answers in a 30-minute live (and on demand) expert talk hosted by EJ Neafsey and Greg Eiffert.

On the agenda

  • What causes algae blooms?
  • Effects of harmful blooms
  • Control and treatment options
  • Why are blooms increasing?
  • Are blooms here to stay?


EJ Neafsey

Chief water scientist

EJ has extensive experience in utilizing prediction models for water treatment. As a data scientist, he’s involved in data analysis for improving water quality.
EJ Neafsey

Greg Eiffert

Water industry expert

Greg works with clients across the United States to solve algae problems and improve water quality in the drinking water, irrigation, mining, and power generation industries.