Algae Control Business Case: Reduce OPEX

May 5th - 10am MST | 12 pm EST

American Water NIPSCO Town of Superior
Water engineer

In this webinar

Algae control can be a costly operation. It decreases process efficiency, increases downtime, can cause discharge noncompliance, increases operating expenses (OPEX), and often involves the purchase of costly chemicals.

In this webinar we’ll discuss six algae control business cases of customers that lowered their OPEX and realized an average ROI of 8 months.

  • How can I lower my OPEX, and by how much?
  • ROI of LG Sonic ultrasound explained
  • Six business cases, including American Water, NIPSCO & Johnstown
  • Operational benefits of real-time water quality data
  • Ultrasonic algae control purchase options


A recording will be available for anyone that signs up.

Kole Peterson

Process Engineer

LG Sonic US

Kole has 17+ years of engineering experience in water treatment and industrial applications. He is based in Denver, Colorado area.

EJ Neafsey, PhD

Chief Water Scientist

LG Sonic US

EJ has extensive experience in utilizing prediction models for water treatment. As a data scientist, he’s involved in data analysis for improving water quality.
EJ Neafsey

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A recording will be available for anyone that signs up

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