Algae Control in Drinking Water Reservoirs:
The City of Archie Success Story

18th of July |9 am PST/ 12pm EST/ 6pm CEST

Algae Control in Drinking Water Reservoirs

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Water scarcity is an escalating global crisis, with clean drinking water becoming increasingly rare. Managing this precious resource in drinking water reservoirs faces immense challenges, including combating algal blooms and ensuring sustainable treatment processes.

Register now for a FREE WEBINAR where we will explain the challenges of algal bloom contamination in drinking water reservoirs, effective strategies to address them, and prevention methods to secure sufficient drinking water. We will explore innovative ultrasound control and closely examine the success story of the City of Archie, where LG Sonic’s technology led to a remarkable 300% improvement in filter runtime. This advancement significantly enhanced water quality and operational efficiency.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Understanding Drinking Water Scarcity: Insights into the global crisis of clean drinking water.
  • Challenges of Algal Blooms: Exploring the impact of algal blooms on water quality in drinking water reservoirs.
  • Innovative Ultrasound Algae Control: How advanced ultrasonic technology revolutionizes algae management and ensures eco-friendly water treatment.
  • Chemical Savings: Presenting significant chemical savings post-installation of LG Sonic equipment, contributing to cost-efficiency and environmental sustainability.
  • Case Study – City of Archie: A deep dive into Archie’s success story where the implementation of LG Sonic technology achieved an algae-free environment in just 4 weeks, effectively resolving odor and taste issues.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is essential for water utility managers, environmental consultants, engineers, policymakers, and anyone interested in the latest advancements in water quality management and algae control technologies.

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Join us as we share insights, real-world applications, success stories, and address your questions during the webinar. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and solutions related to algal blooms in drinking water reservoirs.

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Dr. E. J. Neafsey, PhD

Chief Water Scientist

E. J. Neafsey, with 20 years in water quality and a PhD from Cornell, has researched water and mangrove health in Florida. At LG Sonic US, he enhances predictive analytics and advocates for sustainable water management.
EJ Neafsey LG Sonic

Rick Blundell

Water Superintendent, City of Archie

Water Superintendent for the City of Archie, Missouri, shares his experience tackling algal blooms in drinking water reservoirs. Rick led the installation of an MPC-Buoy ultrasonic system in the city's 5.5-acre reservoir.
Rick Blundell- Drinking water-Water Superintendent, City of Archie LG Sonic