How-To Guide for Algae Control

7 December | 10am PST - 1pm EST

US webinar

What’s it about?

LG Sonic’s ultrasonic treatment is suitable for a wide range of applications and environmental conditions. During this webinar we’ll explain how you can easily integrate LG Sonic ultrasound into your current treatment strategies.

  • Why is algae becoming such a big challenge? What can you do to mitigate this problem?
  • Is ultrasound right for your reservoir/lake? How do you size the MPC-Buoy system?
  • What information is needed to determine if this is the right fit for your water body?
  • Through which KPIs will you assess project success?
  • Rental & leasing options for LG Sonic technologies

EJ Neafsey

Chief Water Specialist

LG Sonic US

EJ has extensive experience in utilizing prediction models for water treatment. As a data scientist, he’s involved in data analysis for improving water quality.

Lisa Maria Brand


LG Sonic

Lisa's passion lies with smart technologies that solve pressing environmental issues without having a negative effect on ecosystems.

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Effect of ultrasound on algae growth

How does ultrasound compare to chemical treatment?

Live Q&A session