Preventive Monitoring & Algae Control: Industrial & Water Re-Use Applications

30 November | 10am PST - 1pm EST

Industrial webinar

What’s it about?

Do you have high nutrient water? Are pH and TSS a concern for discharge? Warm, stagnant, and nutrient-rich water creates the ideal conditions for algae to grow. In industrial ponds, lagoons, and towers, algae directly influence pH, TSS, and BOD levels, making water discharging difficult and risking compliance with strict government regulations.

  • How to solve fouling and scaling challenges
  • Monitoring & alerts for out of range water quality parameters
  • How controlling algae keeps pH & TSS levels low
  • Learn directly from current users about their application & success with the MPC-Buoy
  • Case study NIPSCO settling pond application
  • Case study Vallecitos Water District water re-use application
  • Rental & leasing options for LG Sonic technologies

Kole Peterson

Process Engineer

LG Sonic US

Kole has 17+ years of engineering experience in water treatment and industrial applications. He is based in Denver, Colorado area.
Kole Peterson

Brian Snyder

Senior Chemical & Environmental Engineer

NIPSCO (A NiSource company)

Brian began his career in the utility industry as an environmental chemist for American Electric Power in 2003. Started his career at NIPSCO in 2017.

Dawn McDougle

Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor

Vallecitos Water District

Dawn is a wastewater treatment plant supervisor with 30 years of experience in the water treatment industry.

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How to keep TSS & pH low and comply with regulations

NIPSCO winner of POWER Water Award for applying ultrasound

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