Ultrasonic Algae Control in Municipal Drinking Water Reservoirs

Tuesday 16 November | 10am PST - 1pm EST

US webinar

What’s it about?

Until now, drinking water treatment has been focusing on in-plant strategies; taking the quality of the intake water as a given and designing the treatment process accordingly. A holistic approach improves the quality of your intake water. As a result, water treatment becomes more sustainable and stable.

  • Listen & learn from current users of our MPC-Buoy system in drinking water applications
  • How City of Archie deployed ultrasonic systems (MPC-Buoys)
  • Algae control case studies: Ramey Environmental Compliance
  • Topics will include EPA cyanotoxin limits, chemical savings, ROI, and water quality monitoring
  • Rental & leasing options for LG Sonic technologies
  • Large devotion of time for Q&A for your questions

Greg Eiffert


LG Sonic US

Greg has 15+ years of experience in the water treatment industry. Since 2018 Greg is the director of LG Sonic US in Scranton, PA.

Wayne Ramey


Ramey Environmental Compliance

With over 30 years of experience in the water treatment industry, his company operates over 70 water & wastewater facilities.
Wayne Ramey

Rick Blundell

Water Superintendent

City of Archie

Rick will share his experiences with the MPC Buoy algae control in their municipal drinking water reservoir.

EJ Neafsey

Chief Water Quality Specialist

LG Sonic US

EJ has extensive experience in utilizing prediction models for water treatment. As a data scientist, he’s involved in data analysis for improving water quality.

Kole Peterson

Process Engineer

LG Sonic US

Kole has 17+ years of engineering experience in water treatment and industrial applications. He is currently based in Denver, Colorado area.
Kole Peterson

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