Algae Control in Municipal Reservoirs

April 13th - 10am MST | 12 pm EST

Municipal reservoirs

What’s it about?

Ensuring water quality in municipal reservoirs is vital as they serve as the region’s main water supply. Algae blooms pose a threat to water quality by producing odor and taste issues, that often demand the use of expensive chemical treatments. This webinar will cover how ultrasound works as an effective and cost-efficient algae control solution.

  • How algae harms municipal reservoirs
  • How ultrasound works in municipal reservoirs
  • How ultrasound benefits operational process (GAC and backwash frequency)
  • Proven water quality  monitoring & alerts to fight algal blooms
  • How the City of Archie solves algae problems
  • Case studies: Town of Superior and City of Johnstown

EJ Neafsey, PhD

Chief Water Scientist

LG Sonic US

EJ has extensive experience in utilizing prediction models for water treatment. As a data scientist, he’s involved in data analysis for improving water quality.
EJ Neafsey

Kole Peterson

Process Engineer

LG Sonic US

Kole has 17+ years of engineering experience in water treatment and industrial applications. He is based in Denver, Colorado area.

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Case studies the City of Archie, Town of Superior and City of Johnstown

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