Phosphorus Monitoring
in Surface Water

21st June | 10am PDT / 1pm EDT

Toledo water intake

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Phosphorus play a crucial role in water quality, and their accurate monitoring is essential for maintaining healthy ecosystems, preventing harmful algal blooms, and preserving water resources.

With growing concerns about environmental pollution and tightening regulations, the need for reliable phosphorus monitoring has never been more critical.

Our webinar will provide you with valuable insights into the latest advancements in surface water monitoring technology to revolutionize your water management strategies.

What you’ll learn

  • Why measuring phosphate in surface water matters
  • Significance and challenges of measuring phosphate
  • Comparison between the yellow and blue method
  • Real-time monitoring to enhance water treatment
  • Advantages of measuring phosphate at different depths
  • Introduction to LG Sonic Phosphate Monitoring

This webinar is perfect for water quality specialists, environmental scientists, consultants, water treatment operators, water resource managers, and researchers.

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EJ Neafsey, PhD

Chief water scientist

EJ has extensive experience in utilizing prediction models for water treatment. As a data scientist, he’s involved in data analysis for improving water quality.
EJ Neafsey

Greg Eiffert

Water industry expert

Greg works with clients across the United States to solve water quality problems in the drinking water, irrigation, mining, and power generation industries.