US Drinking Water Reservoir

A floating solar powered algae control system was installed in Emmitsburg (US) to control algae in a reservoir that provides drinking water to approximately 3,000 people. The MPC-Buoy system, installed in April 2017, succeeds in controlling algae, reducing chemical costs and water usage.


The Challenge: Control Algae Problems

The main objective of the project was to reduce algae problems, especially during summer months, with secondary objectives to reduce chemicals costs, decrease backwashes, and clogged filters. The town has been facing high algae growth during summer, resulting in double water consumption, which was needed for backwashing algae and dirt out of the plant’s system.

The Solution: MPC-Buoy

A MPC-Buoy system was installed to control the long-term algae problem in Rainbow Lake. The MPC-Buoy combines real-time water quality monitoring and ultrasonic sound waves to provide a complete and environmentally friendly algae solution in large water surfaces.

The Results: Saved Money and Water

Since the installation of the ultrasound units, the algae control system has proven itself. Costs are reduced significantly, overall chemical costs decreased by 27% in 2017, the water quality improved, overtime at the water plant was reduced by 31 percent, and backwash water usage decreased over the year.

“The device performed excellently when dealing with blue-green algae“.


Applied Product for this project

LG Sonic MPC-Buoy

Control and Monitor Algae with the MPC-Buoy

Complete algae control solution by using ultrasound

    • Sensor package to provide real-time water quality data
    • Control algae in lakes, dams and water reservoirs
    • Treatment range of 500m/1600ft in diameter
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