Six years of partnership with South West Water

6 years

This project is running since 2014


Natural balance of algae growth

Key component

In South West Water's treatment process

Sustainable partnership

Since 2014 South West Water, formerly Bournemouth Water, is using LG Sonic MPC-Buoy systems to monitor and control algal blooms at Longham Lakes. High algae concentrations in reservoirs used for drinking water purposes causes increased chemical dosage and blockages of filters and pipes within the water treatment plant.

South West Water holds health and wellbeing of people and the environment in their core values. Environmental health is critical to water sources such as Longham Lakes. Besides being used as drinking water source for local towns and communities, Longham Lakes is used for agricultural and recreational purposes such as fishing.

Safe water in Longham lakes.

To resolve problems caused by excessive algae growth at Longham Lakes, South West Water selected LG Sonic ultrasound technology due to its environmentally friendly nature. In the beginning of 2014, four MPC-Buoy systems were placed in the lakes. Now six years later, the systems continue to be a key component of South West Water’s treatment process.

Restoring the natural balance

Within the first three months South West Water experienced a dramatic reduction in algae concentrations at Longham Lakes. The MPC-Buoy systems continue to operate till this today with algae levels within satisfying levels for a balanced aquatic ecosystem.

“South West Water was one the first utilities in the United Kingdom to include MPC-Buoy in their water treatment process back in 2014. We are proud of the sustainable partnership between South West Water and LG Sonic”, said Kristin Prantsus, After Sales Manager at LG Sonic.

“We’re working with the supplier who is able to fine-tune the sound frequencies to deal with specific outbreaks of algae“.

Tim Latcham – Head of Water Supply


Project details

Location Bournemouth, UK Industry Drinking water Client South West Water
  • Dramatic reduction in algae concentration
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Less environmental impact

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Applied product

LG Sonic developed the MPC-Buoy specifically for larger water surfaces such as cooling reservoirs and drinking water reservoirs.


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