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Four solar-powered algae control systems were installed in the Aquadrome in Rickmansworth (UK) to control the cyanobacteria concentration in two lakes. Two systems were installed in a lake used for water skiing and fishing, and two additional unites were installed in June 2017 in a lake used for sailing.

To ensure that the concentration of cyanobacteria remained at an acceptable level at a popular public open space with two lakes used for water skiing, fishing and sailing. There has been a historic problem of high levels of cyanobacteria in both lakes, especially over the summer when use of the site is at its highest. Any elevated levels of cyanobacteria could result in restricted use of the lakes, and the site in general, by members of the public and the lake users.

Improved water quality at the Aquadrome.

Four MPC-Buoy systems were installed to control the cyanobacteria levels in the lake. The MPC-Buoy combines low-power ultrasonic sound waves with water quality monitoring to provide complete and environmentally friendly algae solution.

Since the [LG Sonic ] ultrasound units have been installed there hasn’t been a problem with raised levels of cyanobacteria and the lakes have remained open to all users, without the need to restrict how the clubs operate.


Project details

Location Rickmansworth, UK Industry Lakes Client Three Rivers
  • Cyanobacteria controlled
  • Both lakes remained open to the public

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Applied product

LG Sonic developed the MPC-Buoy specifically for larger water surfaces such as cooling reservoirs and drinking water reservoirs.


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