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Vallecitos Water District achieves significant cost savings with LG Sonic ultrasound

The Vallecitos Water District (VWD) has gained significant benefits since deploying LG Sonic’s MPC-Buoy ultrasonic algae control solution in two of their reservoirs – Mahr Reservoir and South Lake. As a customer since 2018, VWD has experienced substantial cost savings, eliminated the need for additional chemical treatments, and received two prestigious industry awards for improving water quality with the use of MPC-Buoy

Project summary

Significant cost savings

$25,000 to $35,000 per year in two of their reservoirs

Eliminated chemical use

Resulting in eco-friendly and sustainable reservoir management practices

2 Industry awards

'Excellence in Innovation and Resiliency Award' & 'Excellence in Action'

Mahr reservoir
Mahr reservoir
Mahr reservoir
Mahr reservoir
Mahr reservoir

Saving money and the environment

In 2018, the Vallecitos Water District (VWD) strategically adopted LG Sonic’s MPC-Buoy ultrasonic algae control technology in two of their reservoirs – Mahr Reservoir and South Lake. The solar-powered, eco-friendly MPC-Buoy uses ultrasonic sound waves to control the growth of harmful algae blooms, reducing reliance on chemical treatments.

Ed Pedrazzi, Operations & Maintenance Manager at VWD, highlighted the cost-saving benefits resulting from the MPC-Buoy installations. The devices have eliminated the need for the district to spend $10,000 to $15,000 per year at Mahr Reservoir and $15,000 to $20,000 at South Lake on lake management companies for chemical treatment with copper sulfate. Now, the reservoir has completely halted the use of copper sulfate for water treatment.

Redefining reservoir management

Since installing the MPC-Buoy, South Lake has not required any chemical treatment. Mahr Reservoir still undergoes bleach injections, but this system predates the buoy’s installation. Pedrazzi explained that the water in Mahr Reservoir is reclaimed and contains high levels of phosphorus and nitrites, which can contribute to algae growth. Despite this, the MPC-Buoy has effectively controlled algae, and VWD has not needed to hire a lake management company since its installation.

Greg Eiffert, Director of LG Sonic US, expressed his satisfaction with the project’s outcome, stating, “We’re thrilled to see the positive impact our MPC-Buoy technology has had on Vallecitos Water District’s reservoirs, demonstrating its potential to transform the water industry.”

Excellence in innovation

The successful deployment of LG Sonic’s MPC-Buoy in Mahr Reservoir and South Lake has earned Vallecitos Water District two prestigious industry awards for improving water quality. These accolades include the ‘Excellence in Innovation and Resiliency Award’ from the California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA) and the ‘Excellence in Action’ award from the WateReuse Association.

By utilizing LG Sonic’s MPC-Buoy, the Vallecitos Water District has not only saved money on chemical treatments and lake management services but also demonstrated a commitment to sustainable reservoir management practices. The industry recognition and cost savings underscore the potential of this technology to significantly enhance water quality and operational efficiency for water utilities worldwide.


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