Prevent biofouling and control algae

Prevent biofouling and control algae in irrigation reservoirs, cooling towers, and other industrial applications.

Prevent biofouling and control algae

LG Sonic Industrial Line Dry and Wet

Within the Industrial Line, there is an Industrial Dry and Industrial Wet option available. The Industrial Dry is installed on pipes, sea chests and heat exchangers.

The Industrial Wet is submerged in the water and applicable for cooling basins, irrigation reservoir and clarifiers.

Biofouling prevention with ultrasound reduces chemical usage and prevents fouling problems in cooling towers, sea chests, heat exchangers and pipes.

Advantages of LG Sonic ultrasound technology

  • Prevent the growth of biofouling
  • Reduce chemical expenses
  • Prevent clogging of filters and pumps
  • Local biofouling treatment in cooling towers

Biofouling prevention

Cooling tower

With the use of specific ultrasonic frequencies, waveforms and amplitudes it is possible to directly target the biofilms.

1. Control the biofilm

2. Biocide reduction

3. Chameleon technology

1. Control the biofilm

Biofilm formation starts by bacteria attaching to a surface. The ultrasonic sound waves of LG Sonic create resonance around the solid surfaces within the water, thereby preventing bacteria to adhere to a surface. EPS, present in an existing biofilm, is directly targeted, degrading the biofilm.

2. Biocide reduction

When bacteria, algae and biofilm are reduced, as a result, the dosage of biocide and/or antifouling measures can also be reduced.

Cooling towers that are being treated with LG Sonic, generally have lower BOD5 and COD levels, even when water with a high COD is being used as make-up water.

3. Chameleon Technology

Chameleon Technology™ makes it possible to change the ultrasonic program according to the water conditions, type of biofilm and type of application, thereby providing the most effective solution for each specific situation.


The ultrasound is transmitted through the dry side of a surfaces such as a pipe. The ultrasound is effectively transmitted through the material.

Algae control

Industrial Line Wet installed in an irrigation pond

The LG Sonic Industrial Line Wet emits specific ultrasonic frequencies in order to control algae in smaller water surfaces such as irrigation reservoirs, cooling basins and other industrial applications.

Some ultrasonic biofouling control solutions use cavitation to prevent biofouling, which is a phenomenon where high-power ultrasound causes intense heat pressure and the formation of hydrogen radicals.

Their radicals may kill bacteria and other organisms but also cause oxidation reactions and may degrade anticorrosion layers.

LG Sonic technology is not based on cavitation and emits only low-power adaptable ultrasonic frequencies for effective treatment.

  • Multiple ultrasonic frequency programs for effective control of algae
  • Ultrasonic treatment allows for the reduction of chemical consumption
  • No use of cavitation for a longer product lifetime

Product features

The LG Sonic Industrial Line is an advanced system that emits specific ultrasonic frequencies in order to prevent biofouling in industrial systems and control algae growth.

Effective solution

Reduces fouling by up to 80% and algae up to 90%.

Safe for the environment

Ultrasound effectively prevents biofouling without the use of harmful chemicals and without harming other aquatic life.

Easy installation

Both the Industrial Dry and Industrial Wet are easy to install and maintain.

Reduce chemical usage

LG Sonic’s ultrasound allows you to reduce chemicals and operations activities.

Case study

The Al Futtaim Cooling district incorporated the LG Sonic technology into their chemical treatment program to reduce the biocide consumption in the cooling towers and improve the water quality.
Al Futtaim cooling district
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Industrial Line case studies

Sellafield case study
Reduced blue-green algae counts

Improve water visibility After the installation of multiple LG Sonic Industrial Wet Systems in a nuclear power plant of Sellafield (UK) the water visibility in the storage ponds improved significantly. As a result of the ultrasonic systems there has been an exceptional reduction in blue-green algae and chlorophyll levels in the storage ponds. Sellafield, a nuclear fuel reprocessing and nuclear decommissioning site, handles nearly all radioactive waste generated by 15…

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Al-Futtaim case
69 % reduction in biocide dosage in cooling basin

Prevent biofouling and reduce chemical dosage The challenge was to prevent biofouling and reduce chemical dosage reduce chemical dosage for water treatment and at the same time controlling factors that may cause problems such as corrosion, scaling and microbial activity. Al Futtaim Cooling district plant incorporated the LG Sonic technology into their chemical treatment program to reduce the biocide consumption in the cooling towers and improve the water quality. Ultrasonic biofouling treatment uses high frequency…

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Eagles landing case
Pond owner
90% reduction of suspended green algae

Green algae mats covering the pond The residential pond was plagued with heavy thick green algae, had high maintenance requirements, and was an eyesore for residents. The natural plant life and fish was drastically degraded due to the algae infestation. On August 7th 2012, it was decided to install 1 LG Sonic e-line unit. The unit was connected to a local power source. Ultrasonic treatment uses high frequency sound waves to control algae…

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