Monitor water quality and algal blooms

A powerful combination of real-time water quality monitoring and a user-friendly cloud based software.

Water quality monitoring

LG Sonic Monitoring Buoy is a powerful combination of real-time water quality monitoring and user-friendly cloud software that stores, and analyses received water quality data.

The system represents a cost-effective monitoring solution and an early warning system  for algal blooms in lakes and water reservoirs.

Monitoring Buoy offers you

  • A cost-effective monitoring solution
  • Online access to real-time water quality data
  • Operates autonomous with minimal maintenance
  • Easily upgradable to LG Sonic ultrasound algae treatment

The system is easily deployable and anchored in the lake or reservoir. It uses solar panels to provide power, all year round in any country.

Our water quality sensors are equipped with a wiper mechanism for automatic cleaning of the sensors after each reading, keeping the maintenance to a minimum and the readings accurate.

How it works

Treatment range

The LG Sonic Monitoring Buoy is a low cost solution for environmental monitoring in lakes and reservoirs.

1. Monitor water

Real-time algae and water quality data is collected

2. Receive data

The data is presented in the MPC-View software

3. Predict algae

Algal blooms can be predict 3-10 days ahead

1. Monitor water quality

Monitoring Buoy provides a complete overview of the water quality by collecting the following parameters every 10 minutes:

  • Chlorophyll α (green algae)
  • Phycocyanin (blue-green algae)
  • pH
  • Turbidity
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Temperature

Additional sensors sets can be implemented.

2. User-friendly monitoring software

The collected data is delivered in real-time via 3G/4G to the user friendly web-based software MPC-View.

The software allows you to set up specific automatic alarms to inform about changing algae and/or water parameters, or maintenance activities.

3. Predict algal blooms

The algorithm developed in cooperation with research institutes allows you to predict algal blooms 3-10 days in advance.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications


Chlorophyll α (green algae)
Phycocyanin (blue-green algae)
pH, Turbidity
Dissolved Oxygen

Power source

3x 200Wp solar panels


3G/4G, Iridium Satellite (optional)


Lithium, capacity: 40 Ah

Monitoring features


In-line water quality sensors

The LG Sonic Monitoring Buoy contains detailed monitoring equipment.

  • Chlorophyll α (green algae)
  • Phycocyanin (blue-green algae)
  • pH, Turbidity
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Temperature

Low power consumption

LG Sonic Monitoring Buoy makes use of low power (5-20 Watts). The system is self-supporting of power by using solar energy with 3x Rated Power (Pmax): 200Wp solar panels mounted.

Advanced water quality software

Visually follow the water quality. MPC-View software allows to set up specific alarms for changing algae and water parameters.

Smart communication system

Fast 3G/4G supports allows you to receive data in real-time in MPC-View water quality monitoring software.

Reliable data acquisition system

Communication between the water quality sensors and the web-based server (MPC-View). It includes a 12v power pack for the data logger, telemetry and powering instruments

Easy to install and maintain

LG Sonic Monitoring Buoy is a light weight, robust data buoy that is easy to handle during transport, deployment, maintenance and recovery.


Water quality software

Every Monitoring Buoy includes LG Sonic's advanced water quality monitoring software MPC-View. Fast and easy to use on all screens.
Water quality data
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Upgrade to algal bloom treatment

Monitoring Buoy can easily be upgraded at a later moment to include LG Sonic's ultrasound technology. Allowing you to control algal blooms without using chemicals.

LG Sonic ultrasound technology

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 Improving water quality In sunny California, MPC-Buoy technology is controlling algae in reclaimed water since 2018. Vallecitos Water District provides 5.25 million gallons recycled water for irrigation every day. TSS levels need to be low to fulfil the demands of modern irrigation systems. Algae increases TSS and clogs the filters that are in place to remove TSS prior to the distribution to the irrigation systems. This allows for less…

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Reduced blue-green algae counts in New Zealand

Reducing blue-green algae counts Five solar-powered algae control systems where installed in the Lower Nihotupu Dam in Auckland, New Zealand to reduce the levels of blue-green algae. The project started in December 2016, the project appeared to be of great success with the blue-green algae count over summer significantly  less than the previous year. The main objective for this project was to reduce the blue-green algae counts in the dam…

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