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American Crystal Sugar
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American Crystal Sugar Company Innovates to Improve Water Quality

85% chlorophyll-a reduction and lower TSS

American Crystal Sugar Company is the first company in the sugar beets industry to start using ultrasound technology for improving water quality. The ultrasonic technology controls algal blooms in the final effluent wastewater pond at the American Crystal Sugar Company factory. This pond collects water used in the processing of sugar beets.

Project summary


Reduction in chlorophyll-a

TSS levels

Improved to comply with NPDES


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Crystal Sugar
Crystal Sugar
Crystal Sugar
Crystal Sugar

American Crystal Sugar Company is an agricultural cooperative corporation owned by more than 2,800 sugar beet growers in Minnesota and North Dakota, United States. This makes the it one of the leading sugar beets growers in the country.

Innovation at the core

With innovation and continued improvement in the company’s core values, the choice to use LG Sonic technology to control algal blooms aligns with the company’s vision. American Crystal Sugar Company’s reservoirs contain high nutrient levels, increasing both TSS and pH levels.

In the US, wastewater needs to comply with NPDES effluent standards before it can be discharged into the environment. Two restricted parameters, TSS and pH, are influenced by excessive algae. By controlling algae growth, TSS and pH can be lowered and NPDES compliance can be achieved.


Since the installation of MPC-Buoy in the wastewater pond, American Crystal Sugar Company has been able to reduce 85% in chlorophyll-a levels in the pond, lowering TSS values to comply with NPDES limits. Together with LG Sonic, the company is now planning to install additional MPC-Buoy systems in other wastewater ponds.

“During the first year of use, the MPC-Buoy controlled algae blooms, resulting in TSS levels within discharge standards. LG Sonic’s real-time monitoring and support team was great!”

Lynn Overend, Environmental Compliance Supervisor


All-in-one solution for controlling algae in drinking water reservoirs.

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