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Algae Control in Cooling Basins

Founded in 1880, Bekaert is a company that specializes in steel transformation and coating technologies. The company transforms wire rods into what their customers need. They “group the wires into cords, ropes and strands, weave or knit them into fabric, or process them into an end product.” Bekaert works across all sectors—from automotive to construction, energy & utilities, agriculture, consumer goods and equipment. The company’s main goal is to keep operations going by ensuring that algae don’t clog pipes and filters.

Project summary


Water quality & clarity

Ongoing operations

No clogged filters & pipes

Chameleon Technology

Targeted ultrasonic programs for optimal algae treatment

Algae clog pipes and filters

In Roestvast, Bekaert has an open cooling system that comes in direct contact with sunlight. Combined with moisture and nutrients, this creates the ideal conditions for algae to bloom in the basins. Additionally, so-called “floating algae” were carried by the wind and rainfall into the water, clogging filters and pipes and resulting in the shut-down of the cooling system.

Two of Bekaert’s engineers conducted extensive research to find the most efficient method of dealing with the algae problem. Resulting in the purchase of the LG Sonic’s Industrial Line.

LG Sonic’s Industrial Line

Bekaert applied the Industrial Wet in the basins to keep the algae under control. This system is submerged, and it’s equipped with a floater that keeps it in the optimal position. For optimal results, it’s best to always keep the Industrial Wet in operation. This is feasible, as the power consumption is very low—approximately 25 Watts per unit.

The Industrial Wet emits specific ultrasonic programs (Chameleon Technology) into the water, stopping algae from growing.

Benefits of the ultrasonic system:

  • The ultrasound doesn’t cause cavitation
  • Significantly reduces chemical consumption
  • Prevents biofouling
  • Equipped with Aquawipers, which ensure ultrasound efficiency
  • Treatment range of 200 m / 656 ft.

The ultrasonic devices did their work in improving water quality. Bekaert can ensure ongoing operations now that algae are no longer growing on the walls and bottom of the cooling basins.


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